“Some Kind of Heaven” Documentary: Disney World for Retirees or Waiting Room for Heaven?

The majority of the 130,000 people who live at this premier active adult retirement community say that it’s like “Disney World for Retirees”,...

Which Face Mask Doesn’t Mask The Sound of Your Voice?

Face masks are essential to slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That is both a medical and scientific fact.

COVID Vaccination – A Nurse’s Story

My friend Lisa C. BSN, CCRN, RN was part of a team that administered two rounds of COVID vaccines. We interviewed her about that experience.

Hearing Aid Usage: Closing the Cultural and Racial Gaps

Hearing aid usage rates have climbed significantly over the past several years, from 15% to 18.5%. Although the overall usage rate is still pitifully low...

New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Ways for Keeping Your Memory “SHARP”

According to Finder.com, approximately 74% of the U.S. population (nearly 189 million adult Americans) have said that for 2021, they’re determined...

My Top Ten Baby Boomer Holiday Movies

This year’s holiday season has been diminished by the pandemic. Now, more than ever, we all need a little entertainment.

A Kentucky COVID-19 Success Story: 84 Beds, 42 Employees, 7 cases, 0 Deaths

Since March, senior living communities and nursing homes across the U.S. have become ground zero...

Senior Marketing Experts, SGD Advertising, Sponsor a FREE Music Therapy Virtual Holiday Event

Every three seconds, someone develops dementia. One in every three seniors dies of Alzheimer’s Disease...
A MMM Rehearsal (Photo by Serene Meshel Dillman)

“The 5th Dementia” – Alzheimer’s Therapy Through Music Mends Minds

Even when my Mother was a sprightly 101 years young, we’d get into my car to drive to lunch.

Five Reasons to Look at Senior Living Through a Middle Market Lens

The Middle Market is now transitioning from a topic of discussion within the senior living industry...

Where Do You Find Assisted Living Advice for Your Loved One?

You know the problem. You or someone you know and love is struggling to care for himself or herself at home.

Is The Middle Market the Future of Senior Living?

After languishing for years as the poor step-child of senior living, the Middle Market has become a hot topic...

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Changing Lives Through Equine Therapy

Every night, our cat jumps onto the bed to watch television with us. During this pandemic where...

“I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up” — Wearable Tech for Fall Protection

If you have a loved one who has fallen recently, you know how much we all fear getting that phone call...