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Our personalized client service is based on a shared vision of goals and key performance indicators.
By communicating often, we ensure complete alignment with you.

Client Engagement

We serve you by engaging with your customers and prospects every day. These interactions are governed by regular contact, with you and your team, to ensure performance goals are met.

Market and Customer Research

We design and conduct quantitative and qualitative research based on your needs. We also draw from existing research wherever possible to create a knowledge base that builds over the length of our engagement with you.  

Mindful Media

Every dime spent on media is based on the marketing plan. The actual media mix is based on how to efficiently influence your target audience. Decisions about reach and frequency, digital and traditional media are all designed to achieve your acquisition, retention and sales targets. 

Creative Designed for an Older Population

Our creative process focuses on creating trust with your target audience. It’s not just the pacing of the video or an ad’s type size, it’s the essential message that must be compelling and trustworthy for an older audience.

Cost-Effective Production 

We work with animators, photographers, videographers and voiceover actors who share our creative vision, always looking to amortize their costs across all media.

Project Management

Every project, large or small, is thoughtfully managed to keep it on time and within budget. We use Asana and Smartsheet project management tools to provide project development visibility for our clients and the ability for us to track changes in real time.

Search Optimized for Seniors

Almost all purchase decisions begin with an online search. We know seniors look for information that is safe, secure and factual. That is what drives our SEO/SEM for Seniors® program. We optimize your website to ensure that you will not only be noticed but trusted by customers and potential customers who are searching for answers to their needs.

Social Media Conversations

The goal of our social media efforts is to develop a conversation between you and your audience. It’s not about how often you post. It’s about how meaningful your posts are. When done right, social media conversations become a trusted place for you and your audience to talk about your company and your products.  

Public Relations

An underused tool, we feel public relations should be employed strategically to keep you in front of your audience. Whether it’s local or national, there is usually a story that would interest your audience. Of course, those stories need to be nurtured and presented to the press. PR complements the paid media and can often be a way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Client Engagement

Account Management
Strategic Planning & Development

Market Research

Market Feasibility Studies
Competitive Analysis
Focus Groups
Demographic Analysis
Lifestyle Segmentation Studies
Satisfaction Surveys
Market Mapping

Creative Services

Art Direction 
Graphic Design
Photography & Video Production
Radio Production
Print & Electronic Production
Content Generation

Brand Strategy Development

Brand Positioning  
Identity / Logo Development
Brand Rollout & Launch
Brand Style Guides 


Media Research & Planning
Purchase, Tracking & Measurement
Digital / Interactive / Video
SEM & ReMarketing
Social Media Advertising
Digital Media Strategy & Execution
CRM / Lead Analysis
Magazine / Newspaper
Senior Living Directories
Outdoor / Transit Boards

Digital Strategy Development

Web Strategy
Web Copy, Design & Development
Web Hosting
Coding / Programming
Email Production / Delivery
Content Management Systems
Online Ads
Video Ads
Google Analytics
Customized Analytics Dashboards
ReMarketing Ad Campaigns
IP Targeting
Reputation Management

Social Media

SEM for Senior LivingTM
Content Strategy & Development
Content Syndication
Integrated Marketing  


Public Relations

Social Media Integration
Press Relations
Press Kits
Crisis Management 


Trade Show | Event
Trade Show Graphics
Trade Show Booth Design
Point of Sale Posters & Displays
Sales Kits 

Direct Mail

List Purchase & Management
Print Production
Custom Data Appends 

Project Management

Project Flow Management
Document Management

Certified Google Ads