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Braun Oral-B

The partnership of recognized leaders of intelligent products, Braun and Oral-B represented a major achievement in the design of form and function as applied to the science of plaque removal. InterPlak, maker of the only electric toothbrush, dominated the U.S. market. 

The Braun Oral-B Plaque Remover was set to launch in the U.S. with limited marketing materials and budget.

Position the brand as the "only oscillating" plaque removing electric toothbrush that's “better designed and better performing”. 

Develop the brand story, supported by clinical research, proving efficiency and efficacy versus InterPlak. Expand the new brand image and promise across limited channels.

The first integrated domestic brand campaign. Utilize the voice of the toothbrush leader, Oral-B, and the engineering expertise of Braun. This entailed a new brand look and feel that unified the two individual brands into one.

• In 6 months, sales increased by 800% 
• In 6 months, market share grew
from 0% to 5%
• Demand exceeded supply
• Direct mail campaign garnered
over 25% response
• Trade Show attendance, leads and sales grew
• Unseated InterPlak as the #1 U.S. leader in electric toothbrushes in less than two years

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