GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care

GranVida is a new community refashioned from an existing structure in Carpinteria, CA. This was the first foray into senior living experience for a well-established real estate developer. They were looking for a successful launch that would serve as a template for future senior living communities.  Part of the mission was to accelerate census building and reach profitability within 18 months of being open. 

Present GranVida as a viable senior living option for residents of Santa Barbara and Ventura as well as the smaller town of Carpinteria.

First, we named this community “GranVida” which means “great life” in Spanish.

Second, we used the tagline –– “Small town. Great life.” –– because Carpinteria is a unique small beach town on the central coast of California. The people there tend to have multi-generational roots in the community. They cherish the lifestyle of Carpinteria.  From primary research conducted with both 75+ seniors and their adult children, we learned that residents of Santa Barbara and Ventura also recognized this uniqueness.  The brand campaign, "small town, great life," captured this essence. It was rolled out in print through local newspapers and magazines. Radio was used to promote special sales events as was direct mail, all staying on the theme of the great life offered by GranVida.  

Third, we used Facebook, Google+, YouTube and the GranVida blog to further establish the brand promise, and to create an ongoing dialogue with prospects and their families. Email, print ads, online ads and direct mail drove prospects to attend informational sales presentations.

Fourth, while maintaining this overall positioning, we then pivoted in the advertising to tell "resident stories." This refresh in messaging caused an upsurge in lead development and move-ins.

Online advertising with senior living directories and email marketing, along with a strong SEO/SEM effort, produced a separate stream of leads that helped accelerate census building.

Public Relations were also used to create connections with the local media.

And finally, a commitment to supporting local and national events around the treatment of Alzheimers' Disease helped solidify GranVida's standing with local physicians and other influencer groups.

RESULTS (As of February 2017) 
• 5 sales events in 4 months
• 481 inquiries
• 293 leads
• 19 deposits

RESULTS (first seven months after opening)
• 5 sales events in 7 months
• 519 inquiries
• 350 leads
• 43 deposits
• 40 move-ins

Brand Positioning
Brand Identity (name, logo & tagline) 
Public Relations
Print Advertising
Online Advertising
Direct Response
Event Marketing Materials
Email Marketing
Social Media
On-Site Signage
Collateral Materials

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